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Yorkshire Dialect – Eey ba gum!

04/11/2015 by Chloe Gunning

Are you thinking of visiting Yorkshire in the coming months? If so, we thought we’d better teach you a thing or two about the Yorkshire Dialect so that you don’t get either lost ont’ moors or not be able to get t’ pub!

‘The Yorkshire dialect refers to the Northern English language varieties spoken in England’s historic county of Yorkshire. Those varieties are often referred to as Broad Yorkshire or Tyke.[1] The dialect has roots in older languages such as Old English and Old Norse; it should not be confused with modern slang. The Yorkshire Dialect Society exists to promote use of the dialect in both humour and in serious linguistics’ Read more…

The basic words – changes in pronunciation

  • No – Nor, nah or nay
  • Yes – Aye
  • Nothing – Nowt
  • Anything – Owt
  • To – T’
  • Him/Her – im/er
  • Give – Giz
  • Take – Tek
  • You – Tha, thee
  • How are you doing? – Ow’s tha doin?
  • I am – ‘Ahm

By now, you will probably get the importance of dropping the ‘T’s’ and the ‘H’s’ and basically propa’ shortening words to the smallest form.

The people of Yorkshire also like to completely replace words with unheard of sayings, here are a few example:

  • Bagsy – Meaning to claim something
  • Beefin’ – Crying
  • Be reight – It’ll be okay
  • Bog – Toilet
  • Bray – To hit someone
  • Butty – Sandwich
  • Chuddy – Chewing gum
  • Down’t road – Down the road
  • ‘Ead – Head
  • ‘Eck – Hell
  • Eh – Meaning Pardon?
  • Eeh by gum – Oh my god
  • In a bit or Tarra – Goodbye
  • Our lass – meaning Girlfriend
  • Mingin’ Disgusting
  • Now then – Hello
  • ‘Ow do – How do you do?
  • Summat – Something

The list is endless. Read more…

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We hope this helps on your next visit to Yorkshire and if you stay with us we will be sure to translate if necessary!

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