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Why self-catering trumps all inclusive…

01/02/2017 by Chloe Gunning


When booking your holiday, you can scroll for hours to find the cheapest deal but going self-catering will always initially be cheaper. This will, in the long run help you to properly budget. You can set aside what you will need to spend on food, what you will need for entertainment/nights out and any other holiday essentials.

If you have opted for all inclusive in the past, you feel as though you must get as much for your money as possible – we’ve all done it – eating your body weight in cheap ice cream and drinking enough watered down lager to sink a boat, but is that really enjoyable?

By holidaying in the UK, and booking self catering, it gives you the opportunity to take what you need, saving money and ensuring you don’t pile on the extra holiday weight.

A final tip, if you do insist on booking an all inclusive trip, be sure to check what’s actually included in your ‘all inclusive’ package. They can sometime catch you out with added extras!

Food and drink

A self-catering trip most definitely has its benefits when it comes to food and drink, just to think of a few; guilt free and the choice is yours – sometimes your typical all inclusive spread can get tedious after a few days and it might not meet your standard. It also might not be ideal if you have fussy kids or special dietary requirement, and trying to communicate this when abroad may be challenge. Self-catering is easier and will most likely enable you to remain stress free.

All inclusive holidays will have set times for when you can eat, by favouring a self-catering trip you can eat when you want, where you want and what you want. A winner in our eyes!

Finally, eating out or at your apartment will encourage more adventure without feeling obliged to make it back to the hotel in time for a meal. You can make a picnic, enjoy a pub/bar lunch in the midst of the environment that you specifically chose, all while helping that local economy too!


In most cases, when booking a self catering break you will be welcomed by a bigger room/apartment as it will have room for the necessary appliances resulting in an overall more spacious environment for you or your family.

As mentioned above, not feeling obliged to make it back for last order drinks or food to get the most of your money will enhance your experience by a vast amount. Having more time to relax, explore and spend time with your family whilst eating exactly what you want sounds perfect to us!

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