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To Walk Invisible: Parsonage Development

31/03/2016 by Chloe Gunning

A new drama series outlining the life of the Bronte Sisters, written by the famous Sally Wainwright is currently being filmed a short distance from Westfield Lodge.

The Bronte Parsonage cannot be used for filming due to the delicate history of the building, therefore To Walk Invisible will be filmed in a replica building currently being built on the moors, near to us.

We thought we would share the progress of the building and the exciting development of what will be a monumental time for Haworth, The Brontes and Westfield Lodge!

Stage One

Parsonage one

Stage Two

parsonage two

Stage Three

Building 31.3.2016 IMG_2320

Stage 4

Parsonage TV set seen from Westfield Lodge 20.4.16

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