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Benefits of taking an Autumn Break

23/08/2016 by Chloe Gunning

Although Christmas and Summer are very popular times of the year to travel. The Autumn months are becoming more and more popular for tourists to book a trip away for a number of reasons!


Because the kids are back in school by September and a lot of places are closing for the season, the prices will slowly start to decrease. The weather will also play a part in the depletion of costs, obviously with Autumn comes slightly colder weather (unless you are in the UK – seasons no longer seem to exist!), forcing down prices of holidays and breaks.

Beautiful season

Although the weather may be slightly colder, you can’t deny that Autumn isn’t a beautiful month, especially in the countryside. If you are travelling abroad, the temperatures will still be up there too. If you enjoy scenery, walking and taking in magnificent views, autumn is the season to travel in!

More to do

During the Autumn months, there will be greater availability at pubs, restaurants and other events because the children are back in school and it’s an all round quieter period for holiday makers. This will contribute to your trip being less stressful with less planning and more activities.

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Better for your schedule

Finally… we all know what managers can be like about booking time off throughout the Summer as usually all other staff members want the same time off! Taking an alternative week off will bode well with your workplace, that combined with the cheaper costs, beautiful season and multitude of events available – it seems silly not to go for it!

Why not treat yourself to a late trip away as well as a holiday earlier in the year? An Autumn holiday can sometimes be a great idea for when you have already been off in the spring, it’s great to unwind after the summer holidays and before Christmas too, especially for your stress levels.

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